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Unforgettable Nepal Tour:

Everest Foothills

This tour package give a great taste of Nepal and people from all age groups can enjoy this package. Unforgettable Nepal Tour covers the essence of Nepal in a dynamic manner. Cultural beauty, wildlife viewing and being near the Himalayas is all included in this trip and makes your stay in Nepal complete.

Duration: 10 nights/ 11 days


Adventure Package:

The Last Forbidden Kingdom Annapurna Region (Mustang)

Nepal is an adventure seekers paradise. This Adventure Package includes rafting, kayaking, canyoning, mountain biking, paragliding and rock climbing. We prepare and design the itinerary upon receiving your request. It simply depends on your interest.

Make your own travel package, include all the activities you would like to do and we will tailor it exactly like the way you want.


Motorcycle Tours:

motorcycle tours

The tour will take you through some of the best scenery in Nepal. It is tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels. Riding your motorcycle to some of the most amazing and challenging places in Nepal is a moment cherished.

We will explore the country at our own pace in our own time. The tour will make you a city rider. Your riding skills will be put to test as we make our way through narrow, crowded city squares of the Valley. We will sightsee in the valley and the surrounding areas. We then explore the amazing country riding through the diversity of Nepal. The tour will cover all the essence of Nepal, from the mountains to the plains and everything it has to offer.


Photography and Filming Tours:

Photogrphy and fliming

Sanden Travels and Tours has conducted tailor made travel packages to professional media houses as well as amateur filmmakers. Our filming and photography expedition is tailored as per the subject being filmed or photographed. Whether it is shooting documentaries or personal filming we are here to ensure your mission is accomplished. We leave no stone unturned in helping you complete your expedition. Capture the amazing diversity of Nepal in your camera and cherish the memories. Sanden Travels will arrange all the required permits, government formalities and documentation.


Bardia Wildlife & Fishing Tour:


The Bardia Wildlife & Fishing Tour is tailored for nature enthusiast and passionate fishermen. The “Golden Mahseer” a dream catch for anglers inhabits the river in the Bardia National Park. The fish is known to challenge even the most experienced anglers and can weigh up to 50kgs. Camps with all the needed logistics will be setup as we raft downstream and fish in untouched areas.

The second leg of the tour includes the rare opportunity of spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger. Bardia is considered one of the best places in Asia to spot the tiger. Herds of wild elephants and one horned rhinos are also in healthy numbers.

Duration: 7nights / 8 days


Educational Tours:

We welcome students from all over the world, schools or universities. We have educational travel packages that are designed and tailored according to the level of students. Our tour packages for school students give them an opportunity to closely study the student life of Nepal. We will take you through schools having all the modern amenities to school which are being operated in the remotest part of Nepal with only basic facilities.

The tour package for Universities includes relief and assistance programs. We take the initiative in helping under privileged students and construction of their school infrastructure to meet the basic standards. We also cater to research students interested in Nepal. Please contact us and give us an opportunity to be a part of your learning process.


Helicopter Tours:

Ghorepani Trek

Explore this diverse country from the comfort of your Helicopter. The tour is tailored to give you an un-forgettable experience of Nepal. Depending on your preference and choice, we prepare the itinerary, ranging from exclusive mountain flights to places of your choice.